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BY: Logan Kwasnicka, PA-C, IFMCP Co-Founder of Practical Healing


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moving beyond traditional medicine

Precision Medicine means that your plan of care and interventions will be precise in the context of everything that makes you an individual – from your family history, your life story, to your biomarker and biometric results, your genetics, your lifestyle, and most importantly – what matters to you.

At Practical Healing, our Precision Medicine approach is rooted in conventional medical training and experience, steeped in training through the Institute for Functional Medicine, and informed by the evolving landscape of prevention.  Every single person on our team is passionately dedicated to providing our patients with the best information available and practicing shared decision-making.  We believe there must be room for you in your healthcare.  

“Medicine 2.0”, the current version of healthcare, does a fantastic job of diagnosing and treating. Much of medical training is spent learning how to diagnose and identify the appropriate treatment – often a medication or surgery. Please hear me when I say that this is CRUCIAL. The fact that services like this exist is actually extraordinary.  We are lucky to be living in a time where life-saving interventions are available for trauma, acute illness, and cancer.

My husband Josh is a PA (physician assistant) with experience in surgery, critical care, and trauma. Over the past few years, he has been taking travel assignments and spending time in various trauma centers, assessing horrific injuries and working on teams that save lives. Here, Medicine 2.0 thrives. There are protocols and algorithms in place that have been proven to promote better outcomes. A trauma bay runs like a well-oiled machine, with nurses, techs, advanced practice providers, and doctors all knowing their roles and working together to walk through the protocol to assess the patient, find the damage, and repair it.  If I’m ever in an accident, please call 911 and send me to the trauma bay!  

Despite all of this, do you know how many times this year I’ve heard a patient say “I’m done with doctors”?  Far too many.  This sentiment brings me sadness and frustration. Without Medicine 2.0, many of us – to be frank, would be dead or never even born.  I am truly grateful to our medical system for saving the lives of many people that I love, through time-tested, life-saving treatments and procedures: for making something as “simple” as a urinary tract infection treatable, and not deadly.  

The frustration many of my patients have voiced, I believe, is because preventative and chronic disease management requires an individualized, Medicine 3.0 approach, to be most effective. We simply cannot keep waiting for an issue to be severe enough to prompt a diagnosis to intervene. So many of us -myself included- are hungry for more data and knowledge; we’re motivated to make proactive changes to lead healthy lives.  Luckily, this care IS available now if you know where to look. We have been practicing proactive medicine since the inception of Practical Healing and are hopeful that Precision Medicine will become even more accessible over the next decade.

If you are interested in learning more about the Precision Medicine Assessment, fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you.

If you desire to learn more about Medicine 3.0 and you haven’t read Dr. Peter Attia’s book, Outlive, I highly recommend you do so.  We have been waiting for this book launch for several years and are forever grateful for Dr. Attia and his commitment to making this information available to patients and practitioners alike.

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