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New things. Fresh starts. A blank page. 

Do these words inspire you? Or perhaps there is an inkling of fear associated with this idea of the unknown? 

My name is Sarah Cawley and I am the Co-Founder of Practical Healing. I wanted to take the opportunity to share a story of our practice and how we came to be. 

The story starts long before the practice opened its doors. It begins with two Emergency Medicine trained Physician Assistants who watched countless people suffer from chronic diseases. Those two practitioners knew the work they were doing was important- life saving- but also how many times they saw people come through the doors that they couldn’t help. Armed with their own stories of struggle and suffering, their paths crossed and they were blessed with the opportunity to train in the application of functional medicine principles. After watching many patients return to them with stories of hope and healing- both physically and emotionally, they both knew they had found a way of practicing medicine that was profoundly meaningful. Along the way, they discovered they had many things in common and oddly enough their paths had unknowingly crossed before they ever met face to face. Following the breadcrumbs of a divinely designed plan, the two paths merged and they decided to cut a new path together.  

It reads a bit like a cute story, but it’s the truth, and it’s the pursuit of achieving the same balance, and living the same lifestyle we teach to our patients that inspired Logan and I to open the doors to Practical Healing. It was new, and the unknown is always intimidating. Having a partner join you on the journey makes all the difference. 

We now desire to partner with you, the patient, and help guide you through change. Help you get to the root cause of your symptoms. We desire to surround you with a community of people who are here to serve you on that journey giving you their time and effort in support of your goals. We believe that true health can be achieved whether it’s optimizing athletic performance, settling into the rhythm of a longer healing journey, or living well with a chronic disease- and it’s achieved by incorporating mindset, self care and joy. We want to help give you the freedom to accomplish your true calling in life- and even help you to figure out what that is!

It’s nice to meet you. Whatever breadcrumbs led you to our blog we are grateful for them. If you or someone you love is in need of functional medicine care we would love to help.  New paths aren’t nearly as scary when you’re traveling them together. 

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