Precision Medicine Program

What is the Precision Medicine Program?

The Precision Medicine Program is crafted for individuals highly motivated to address their health concerns in partnership with an invested practitioner. With the goal of improving your health span and longevity in mind, we begin with a discovery of your current health state. Through advanced functional testing, genetic and biomarker evaluation, and biometric data collection, we evaluate any current concerns and identify areas of opportunity. Our practitioners will then synthesize the information into actionable steps to help inform your plan of care.

Moving beyond your immediate concerns, our team of skilled practitioners, dietitians, and Physical Performance Professionals will support you throughout the implementation of your plan of care and will continually refine your plan based on your goals, utilizing cutting edge technology and a forward thinking clinical construct.

The program begins with your initial Precision Medicine Assessment. After your Assessment has been completed, your progress is monitored and the care plan continually refined through ongoing interactions with our team as a member of the Precision Medicine Program.

Our Pillars


Regular communication with your practitioner and precision medicine team as well as follow up laboratory or biometric testing as you progress towards your health goals. Patient driven progress assessments.


Fluid revisions to your care plan as determined by progress and additional data capture during follow up laboratory or biometric testing. Once current concerns or health opportunities are identified and addressed, care plan shifts to health optimization and inclusion of strategies to promote health span and longevity.


Through patient driven progress assessments and practitioner led responses and changes to care plan, our motivated patients experience high impact results in their self identified goals.


After five years of grueling startup life, I knew I needed a health reset. I signed up for the Precision Medicine Program at the recommendation of a friend and couldn’t be more grateful that I did. The in-depth assessment provided a comprehensive report on my health that the Practical Healing team capably used that information to generate a truly customized plan. Thanks to this program, and the helpful accountability, I’m in a completely different place. My health has meaningfully improved and I’m enjoying the cascading benefits throughout most areas of my life.

Sean C.

Prior to working with Practical Healing, I saw 3 different specialists who simply dismissed my concerns and sent me home with zero next steps or follow up. Luckily a friend recommended Practical Healing and I couldn’t be more grateful! They were the only practice that took my health concerns seriously and truly felt like a partner in evaluating my overall health, not stopping until we got to the bottom of my symptoms and had a treatment plan in place. I’ve been working with them for the past 2 years to systematically measure key biomarkers and adjust my holistic health plan accordingly. They now have a customer for life who constantly recommends them to friends & family.

Snejana D.

Want to Learn More?

The Precision Medicine Program is by application only.

Email to schedule a discovery call with one of our Precision Medicine practitioners.

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