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BY: Logan Kwasnicka, PA-C, IFMCP, PA-C, IFMCP Co-Founder of Practical Healing

In-Depth Diagnostics Led By A Team of PRACTITIONERS

“What is Functional Medicine?”. If you haven’t read Sarah’s blog post yet, I highly recommend you do. The question that tends to follow the one Sarah answered is –  “What types of patients do you work with?” I can’t help but respond to this question with a smile and a laugh, because we truly work with everyone—from the mother of three struggling with hair loss and IBS symptoms to the Special Ops health optimizer who wants to leverage strategies to promote longevity and performance.  

In past blogs, social media posts, and newsletters we have described our functional medicine approach—the care we provide every single day at Practical Healing. This approach is foundational for what I’m about to share next. You may not know this, but in 2021 Sarah and I began offering comprehensive full-day assessments to serve our growing community of out-of-state patients who couldn’t travel in for multiple appointments in a short period of time.  In order to meet the needs of these patients, we launched the Precision Medicine Program which is now our most comprehensive offering.

The annual Precision Medicine Assessment includes in-depth previsit diagnostics, assessment by a licensed medical provider, a registered dietitian, and a physical performance professional, and is concluded with a robust post-assessment report summarizing our findings and recommendations. Following the full-day assessment, participants are eligible for ongoing concierge-level care via the Precision Medicine Membership. Our Precision Medicine Team includes myself, Practical Healing Co-Founder Sarah Cawley, PA-C, Lindsay Malone RDN, Kevin Heine MBA, NBC-HWC, and Caleb Coe, DPT.

Optimizing for health

This team stands on the shoulders of giants like Dr. Peter Attia, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Dr. Andy Galpin, and many others who are tirelessly committed to sharing the latest knowledge on prevention and health/performance optimization with the public and practitioners alike. We think of our practice as boots on the ground, executing this knowledge and making Medicine 3.0 accessible to patients looking for this type of care in Ohio and for those who are willing to travel to it.


Stay tuned, as we will be sharing more about Precision Medicine. If you are interested in learning more about the Precision Medicine Assessment, fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you.

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