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BY: Kevin Heine, MBA, NBC-HWC


Hello! I am Kevin Heine, the newest member of the Practical Healing team! I am so excited to be here and wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to this wonderful community.

I embarked on my journey in the healthcare industry as an exercise physiologist, fueled by a passion for the transformative power of exercise. As a former student-athlete at The Ohio State University, where I played volleyball, my interest in exercise initially arose from personal self-interest—I wanted to secure a starting spot on the team and be the best middle blocker I could be. Little did I know, this journey would evolve beyond the court, shaping my confidence, attitude, and leadership skills.

 As I witnessed the positive impact of setting and achieving personal fitness and athletic goals, a profound realization dawned on me—I had the power to shape my life. This belief fueled my success in athletics, culminating in my senior season as captain—where I led my team to the first-ever national championship for OSU.

 After graduation, I transitioned into the role of an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, and I worked both privately and in academia, guiding individuals to set and conquer their own fitness milestones. My journey led me through diverse healthcare and fitness arenas, from private practice, to Case Western Reserve University, to the Cleveland Clinic, also achieving board certification as a health coach and an MBA along the way. Most recently, I contributed to the establishment of Daytona Health, a digital health practice. My passion continued to grow, and along with it, a desire to help more people. 

 Driven by the belief that health is paramount and influences every aspect of our lives, I am dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve more and live better, and that core belief is what has brought me to Practical Healing. My connection with Practical Healing began during its inception, having fostered a strong relationship with Sarah and Logan during our time at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. Sharing a common goal—to help others realize their life’s potential—I eagerly contributed wherever I could as they built the practice. Today, I am thrilled to officially join the Practical Healing community and its exceptional team as our CEO and Director of Performance.

 Practical Healing’s team possesses remarkable skills and, more importantly, a genuine desire to empower patients. In my role, I will work behind the scenes, supporting our caregivers and developing new programs to extend the impact of Practical Healing. I will also spend some time with our patients, performing assessments in our state-of-the-art exercise physiology lab, and coaching patients on their own lifestyle goals. Whether it’s empowering caregivers to excel or engaging directly with patients, I am committed to helping Practical Healing grow, so that we can help more individuals on their journey to achieve their lifestyle goals.

 I am looking forward to meeting more and more members of this community. In the new year, you will see me around the office, so feel free to say “Hi”! (I’m the only tall, goofy-looking guy in our office, so I’ll be easy to find.) I can’t wait to help our community reach their health and life goals.


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