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Practical Healing

We work with individuals who want to feel and function better in their own bodies. We help you identify what is out of balance, what could work better, and how best to reach your goals for health and wellness.


The Practical Healing team believes that health is more than just numbers on a page, scale, or lofty goal that is always out of reach. Physical and mental health enables you to live out your purpose, achieve your goals, and authentically connect in relationships. We want to help you make personalized choices that lead to changes and changes that lead to freedom, whether your goal is health optimization or living well with chronic disease.

RELATIONSHIPS & Connections.

Are you looking for a partnership in your health journey? You’ve found the right place. We value our connections with our patients and believe that good communication and continuous care can result in lasting and impactful change for the better. 

DETAILS & Analysis.

We offer comprehensive assessments and analysis because details matter! Our skilled practitioners perform expert evaluations, provide you with relevant health education, and guide you with personalized recommendations and explanations.

Comprehensive WELLNESS.

Functional medicine addresses the root cause of disease processes using a systems-oriented mind, body, and spirit approach. We find the root cause of any health problems and then create personalized treatment plans and lifestyle modifications to optimize your health.

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Start your healing journey...


The first step is scheduling a new patient consultation. You may call our office at 330.591.2444 or use the link below to schedule a complimentary curiosity call. Let’s get to know one another!


There are a few options when it comes to your care. We highly recommend a membership for ongoing care or you may choose an assessment or custom select the services you need for your journey. 


Each journey is highly personalized. Your provider will discuss your treatment pathway and ideal visit frequency during your initial consultation so we can continue to partner with you in optimizing your health.

What others are saying...

Practical Healing practitioners and all of the support staff are absolutely wonderful!!! They have helped me dig deep in order to find out the root cause of my health struggles, and have helped to not only identify my hormonal imbalances, but have helped me work through them, and finally balance them in order to heal my body in ways I’ve never thought possible. Sarah and her support staff have shown enormous compassion, grace, understanding, and knowledge in some of the most incredible ways! If anyone is out there struggling with health issues, especially hormonally, do not struggle alone anymore! I would highly encourage and recommended you to reach out to Practical Healing because you will be so grateful that you did. I know I am!
Lisa H.



Initial Functional Medicine Assessment

Metabolic:ID Assessment

Executive Assessment



The Support You Need

Three simple membership options that provide ongoing support for your health goals. Explore our membership page and find the one that works best for you!

Health Care Services

Additional Health Services

Functional Medicine
Physical Therapy
Wellness Retreats
Health Coaching

and so much more!

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